Glial Regeneration in TBI

Our lab's main research focus is on the mechanisms of glial regeneration in murine models of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).  We use the circadian clock (i.e. Bmal1) as a tool by which to dissect the molecular underpinnings of the largest population of regenerative cells in the brain: NG2-glia.
The Team:
Marina Salinas
Jacob Tusk
Tarik Haydar <K08 mentor!>
(graduated) Javid Ghaemmaghami
(graduated) Emma Strickland
(graduated) Victoria Koffi
(graduated) John Corso

CNH Collaborators:
The Haydar Lab
The Hashimoto-Torii Lab
The Kratimenos Lab

Remote Collaborators/Mentors:
Amita Sehgal (Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania)
Vittorio Gallo (Seattle Children's Hospital)
Regina Armstrong (Uniformed Services University)


The cortical NG2‐glia response to traumatic brain injury

T. Dean, Javid Ghaemmaghami, John Corso, V. Gallo

Glia, 2023

Endogenous Circadian Clock Machinery in Cortical NG2-Glia Regulates Cellular Proliferation

Terry Dean, Aissia Victoria Koffi, Evan Z. Goldstein, Javid Ghaemmaghami, V. Gallo

eNeuro, 2022


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