Sleep in Critical Illness

Despite decades (centuries?) of dedicated effort by some really smart people, we still don't know why we sleep.  We know what happens when we don't.  But that's not the same question.  So why not give it a whirl, ourselves?

Using CSF samples from the Bear Brain Bank, we aim to characterize the day/night metabolomic changes in plasma and CSF, both in "health" and disease, defining fundamental aspects of brain physiology over time.

We also conduct clinical research on sleep in neurocritical illness.  For instance, in pediatric TBI, we found that sleep on EEG within 48 hours after injury is a useful biomarker for predicting better functional outcomes - more coming soon!
CSF Biobank Team:
Daniel Donoho
Akilah Pascall
Jamie Fraser
William Suslovic
Meghan Delaney
... and many more

ICU EEG Research Team:
Akilah Pascall
Dana Harrar
Arnold Sansevere



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