Neuroinflammation in PHH

We collaborate with our neurosurgeons, geneticists, and laboratory medicine specialists to operate a CSF biorepository at Children's National Hospital (currently called "Bear Brain Bank" ... while we wait for an interested donor 😉). 

Our first project builds on our previous findings that blood products induce neuroinflammation following TBI.  Would this pathophysiology carry over to another brain pathology with gross CNS hemorrhage: Post-hemorrhagic Hydrocephalus (PHH)?  Using our center's banked CSF samples, we aim to characterize the neuroinflammatory signature in patients with PHH and determine (1) how it contributes to and/or predicts clinical outcomes and (2) whether it may present a therapeutic target.

An animal research component is in the works ...
CSF Biobank Team:
Daniel Donoho (co-director)
Akilah Pascall
Jamie Fraser
William Suslovic
Meghan Delaney
... and many more

CNH Collaborators:
The Developing Brain Institute
Zickler Family Prenatal Pediatrics Institute

Remote Collaborators:
The Akassoglou Lab
The Mendiola Lab


Fibrin promotes oxidative stress and neuronal loss in traumatic brain injury via innate immune activation

Terry Dean, Andrew S. Mendiola, Zhaoqi Yan, R. Meza-Acevedo, Belinda S. Cabriga, K. Akassoglou, J. K. Ryu

Journal of Neuroinflammation, 2024

Microglial Gi-dependent dynamics regulate brain network hyperexcitability

M. Merlini, Victoria A. Rafalski, K. Ma, Keun-Young Kim, E. Bushong, Pamela E. Rios Coronado, Zhaoqi Yan, Andrew S. Mendiola, Elif G. Sozmen, J. Ryu, M. Haberl, Matthew Madany, Daniel Naranjo Sampson, Mark A. Petersen, Sophia Bardehle, Reshmi Tognatta, T. Dean, Rosa Meza Acevedo, Belinda S. Cabriga, Reuben Thomas, S. Coughlin, Mark Ellisman, J. Palop, K. Akassoglou

Nature Neuroscience, 2020


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